Job Costing Hardware

Job Costing Microcap Terminal

Monitor the cost of your labour with our technologically advanced and easy-to-use Job Costing Hardware. The Job Costing terminals are reliable and specifically designed to be used in all working environments.

The Microcap Job Costing terminal is a key-pad system where job numbers are manually input into the terminal. This is a very versatile method of data capture because they can be used on a bench, desk, or even mounted on a wall. Their reliability and versatility make these terminals excellent Job Costing hardware solutions for engineering and manufacturing environments.

To ensure data integrity all job and operation codes are verified in real time, meaning that employees never book to invalid or closed jobs. For additional accuracy, once complete, a job operation can be closed to prevent inadvertent selection.

Job Costing Barcode Reader

The Job Costing barcode Reader is a quicker way of inputting a job into the CaptureIT Software because the reader quickly and simply scans the barcode of each specific job. With the barcode reader, employees scan the next job without having to book off the previous job, saving time and money. Each barcode is a composite value that includes both job and operation numbers.

Data may also be captured on a standard PC. All of the information that our hardware records is sent directly to the CaptureIT software allowing real time management information reports to be produced.

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