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Guarantee effective business profit with the CaptureIT Job Costing System by having the knowledge of who worked on what job, for how long and when they worked on it. These meticulous reports produced by the CaptureIT Job Costing Software provide real-time and updated reports so you can really understand shop floor activity.

The CaptureIT Job Costing Software allows sophisticated and detailed reporting so comparison of actual values to budget values for each individual job can be completed. Any processes that require attention can be immediately flagged on the CaptureIT Software for correction. The actual values and time spent on a job can be compared to the approximated values for any job and product, over any period of time and any customer or group. These calculations can be viewed via a full reporting feature that comes as standard within the CaptureIT Job Costing Software.

Shop floor data collection is electronically stored and the CaptureIT Job Costing Software retains information of each job, employee, time transaction and cost, so detailed and comprehensive reports can be produced at any time. The CaptureIT Job Costing System also has the ability to export any reports into other formats, such as PDF’s or Excel, so bespoke analysis can be completed.

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