Job Costing Systems Designed to Capture Shop Floor Data

The CaptureIT Job Costing System allows you to really understand your Job Labour Costs by delivering an accurate cost analysis on each and every job with full comprehensive reports. The software provides business leaders with real time management information regarding the exact duration and cost of each operation completed by employees. CaptureIT also has the ability to estimate new costs from previous performances helping your business to maximise profit.

Constant monitoring of individual productivity ensures the best possible return on investment. Real-time information means administrators are aware of which operations and jobs are currently being worked on, which jobs are on target and which jobs are going over budget.

Budget values compared to actual values for individual jobs allow quick identification of operations that need investigating. This can be completed by selecting any job, product, customer or group providing a thorough analysis which in turn helps to save money and improve productivity.

Job Costing Software

Job Costing Software

CaptureIT delivers certainty to your costing process. Understand, with confidence, who worked on what job, when, for how long and at what cost

Job Costing Hardware

Job Costing Hardware

Capturing job data could not be easier with the options including Job Costing terminals, barcode readers and a standard PC

Job Costing Shop Floor Data Capture

Shop Floor Data Capture

Maximise profit by constantly monitoring individual employee productivity to get the very best return on your labour investment

Job Costing Reports

Job Costing Reports

Every job, employee, cost and time transaction is available providing comprehensive and real time reports.

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The CaptureIT Job Costing Software can send email alerts for jobs that are going over-budget allowing time for changes to be made to the production procedure before it’s too late. Time that is being wasted and is unproductive is flagged by the CaptureIT Software so that it can be rectified. Administrators can also be informed of workers that aren’t booked onto a job and the reason why.

Numeric and alphanumeric job codes are supported so the systems remain consistent. Full integration with CaptureIT Time and Attendance allows closer monitoring of employees working hours in comparison to production time. All analysis from the Job Costing System and CaptureIT Software can be exported into different formats such as PDF or Excel, allowing bespoke analysis to be completed on the retrieved data.

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